Three reasons why winter is the best season

The winter chill may be setting in and you’re probably a little tired of the short days. We know now may not be the best time to try and convince you that winter really is the best season, especially because you’ve probably been cursing the cold weather for 8 days straight. But hear us out; we’re pretty sure we can sway you.

1. Sticky and delicious beef short ribs with bourbon BBQ sauce that melt in your mouth. How’s that to start warming you up?

2. What about a whole suckling pig – can you imagine it? The kind of thing you see in the movies. A feast fit for that Game of Thrones fantasy we know you’ve been having.

3. Sticky date pudding with vanilla bean ice cream – you know the dessert someone brings out at Christmas but you just can’t seem to enjoy in the sweltering heat? We can’t promise presents or your Uncle John making inappropriate comments but we have the food covered.

Need we say more? In Brisbane we put up with the cold weather because we know calories don’t count in winter, right? If you’re craving Brisbane’s best pub food, put on your stretchy pants and come down to the Red Lion Hotel at Moorooka, you won’t be disappointed.