Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Red-ma


Is it your turn to organise the Christmas party this year? Want to do better than Jan in accounting? We’ve got the ideas and the spaces and we’ll even let you take the credit! 

3 Great Christmas Party Ideas

1. Cocktails and Canapés


Brush off the dresses and get those shoes shiny. If you’re after a relaxed event with a little bit of elegance why not hold a Cocktails and Canapés Christmas do. 

2. Private Dining with a view

If the fancy fashion isn’t your thing but you’re after a great night why not go for a private dining experience with a view. A night of amazing food never went down in the history books as a bad Christmas party. 

3. The ultimate corporate boozer

If all you want from your Christmas Party is a fun time and an open bar tab say no more. Our Christmas party options will make sure it’s a night to remember and a hangover to forget. 

Make sure to get in fast and book early, you don’t want Jan in accounting to be gloating for another year about her amazing Christmas function.